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Arizona voters will decide minimum wage,
recreational marijuana proposals

(August 22, 2016)
On August 18 and 19, two Maricopa County Superior Court judges cleared the way for two voter initiatives with significant implications for Arizona employers to appear on the November ballot. One would raise the statewide minimum hourly wage to $10 on January 1, 2017, and the other would make recreational marijuana legal for people 21 and older and establish a regulatory system like Colorado’s.  Read on

SWAT, SOAR can be your compass
on a strategic planning trek

(August 19, 2016)
Few would argue about the importance of strategic planning for organizational success. Almost no one would push for rushing blindly into the future with no goals or plans for what kind of talent to acquire. But embarking on long-term planning can be daunting if no thought goes into what direction to take. Methods exist, though, to make the task not pay off.  Read on

On the ball? Employee wants
to bring her own seat to work

(August 17, 2016)
Q One of our employees brought a large ball to work and is using it instead of her company-provided chair. She says it’s better for her back, but she doesn’t have a back problem. She states that she’s using it proactively. Do we have the right to require her to use our company-provided chairs? If she falls or rolls off her ball, are we liable for an injury? Read on

Notice for Colorado's new pregnancy accommodation law available
(August 15, 2016)
The Colorado Civil Rights Division has released a suggested notice for employers to post related to the state’s new pregnancy accommodation law. Under the law, Colorado employers must post a notice of employee rights as well as provide written notice to new hires at the start of employment and existing employees no later than December 8, 2016.  Read on

Moonlighting the new norm?
Time for employers to face the futre

(August 12, 2016)
Many industrious office workers may be more industrious than their employers realize. In fact, after putting in time at their primary jobs, a lot of those workers rush off to other jobs—jobs that help them make ends meet or build savings, or maybe they work a second job to pursue a passion. Whatever the reason, researchers have found that moonlighting may be on its way to being the new normal.   Read on

Campus recruiting: It's about
making connections, not just filling jobs

(August 5, 2016)
It’s the time of year when college students are getting ready to go back to campus to complete their education and find their place in the world of work. But students aren’t the only ones heading back to school. Employers, too, have business on campus as they look for the best and the brightest to join their organizations.   Read on

New OSHA rules limit postincident drug testing
(August 5, 2016)
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued new rules revising its requirements for recording and submitting records of workplace injuries and illnesses. Read on

Massachusetts passes broad new pay equity law
(August 3, 2016)
A new Massachusetts pay equity law going into effect on July 1, 2018, contains provisions that are much broader than current federal law and even prohibits employers from screening applicants based on their salary or wage history.  Read on

Taking the sting out of Zika: what employers need to know
(August 2, 2016)
On February 1, 2016, the World Health Organization declared an international health emergency associated with the spread of Zika virus, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began advising pregnant women or those considering becoming pregnant to avoid travel to places with Zika outbreaks. To date, more than a dozen people have contracted the virus in Florida, and it could reach even further as Florida, Texas, and other parts of the Gulf Coast are considered at highest risk for local spread of the mosquito-borne virus.  Read on

Colorado's pregnancy accommodation law takes effect August 10
(August 6, 2016)
Colorado’s new law requiring employers to engage in an interactive process to assess potential reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth will go into effect on August 10.  Read on

'Gotta catch 'em': Employers dealing with Pokemon Go mania
(July 29, 2016)
To say that the Pokemon Go craze has taken the world by storm may be an understatement. But is it harmless fun, or is it a problem in the workplace?  Read on

Chobani serves up stock option to its employees
(July 27, 2016)
Chobani, LLC, recently announced that it would be giving most of its employees stock shares pursuant to what is commonly referred to as an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). How does an ESOP work? Is such a plan right for your company?   Read on

New Arizona law allows independent contractors to declare their status
(July 26, 2016)
A new Arizona law going into effect on August 6 will allow independent contractors to provide a declaration of their independence to businesses using their services. Read on

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