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12 Danger Zones for Supervisors
Employment Law Training System

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12 Danger Zones for Supervisors is the employment law training system perfect for showing managers and supervisors how to make the right decisions and avoid the words and actions that lead to low morale and devastating lawsuits.

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This turnkey DVD-based product gives you the confidence you need to lead one-hour sessions on employment law topics every supervisor should understand:

  • Hiring
  • Documentation and Evaluations
  • Discipline
  • Firing
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Other Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • FMLA
  • Safety and Workers Comp
  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Privacy
  • Violence

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An HR Hero Guaranteed Learning Tool

Twelve Danger Zones for Supervisors is $1297

Special discount for M. Lee Smith Publishers
customers and subscribers: $997.
VHS version is just $797.

Or call (800) 274-6774

Your 12 Danger Zones for Supervisors training system includes:

  • 12 classroom videos: Engaging, real-world sceanrios are followed by plain-English commentary and instruction from real attorneys.
  • 12 individual training sessions on DVD-ROM: These self-lead sessions allow supervisors to train themselves when you can't conduct classes. Each DVD-ROM contains the same training presentation as the full classroom training version, adding on-screen quizzes to keep the supervisor engaged and attentive.
  • Trainer's Guide: Loaded with tips and tools for successful training with the Danger Zones for Supervisors system. For each Danger Zone, the Guide provides an overview of the employment laws of particular concern, an icebreaker exercise, discussion questions, a quiz, a handout, a certificate of completion, and more. It's your easy-to-follow roadmap to fast and effective management training!
  • 20 Pocket Guides: Give these pocket-size booklets to all your supervisors as a handy reference.
  • CD-ROM with documents and slides: Plus quizzes and a Certificate of Completion template for rewarding program participants.

New! Unlike most training, 12 Danger Zones uses professional actors dramatizing the real-life situations your supervisors may themselves face — or have faced already. The back-and-forth of the expert commentators after each scene delivers crucial management advice in language everyone can quickly grasp.

More discussion leaders drive the lively conversation.
All new vignettes bringing key concepts to life.
Fast-pacing keeps your managers engaged, entertained, and enlightened.

New! 12 Danger Zones brings together a team of 13 leading employment-law attorneys. In each video, moderator John Phillips leads two other attorneys in candid and plain-spoken discussions of supervisors' obligations.

They explain the laws governing the supervisor-employee relationship and how supervisors can comply, no matter how complex the situation.


John PhillipsAbout your Program Host

12 Danger Zones for Supervisors is led by nationally recognized attorney John B. Phillips, Jr., partner with the law firm of Miller & Martin. He has also served as VP and Deputy General Counsel for Labor & Employment with Coca-Cola Enterprises, a FORTUNE 500 corporation. In that role, John counseled the senior executive leadership team on the issues covered in this training system.

He's served as editor of Tennessee Employment Law Letter for 20 years and has presented numerous HR Hero audio conferences for HR professionals and executives. His engaging and clear delivery, coupled with a deep understanding of key employment law issues, has made him an in-demand speaker and trainer in a variety of corporate settings.

Click here to read bios of participating attorneys.

An HR Hero Guaranteed Learning Tool

Twelve Danger Zones for Supervisors DVD is $1297

Special discount for M. Lee Smith Publishers
customers and subscribers is $997.
VHS is just $797.

Or call (800) 274-6774


12 All-New Videos - Available on DVD and VHS

If your supervisors don't understand what they can and can't consider in an applicant, your hiring process is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Do they know which specific questions they must never ask during a job interview? Or how to avoid tripping over the 6 protected-class factors?

Danger Zone: Hiring steers supervisors safely through the interview maze and helps them avoid common errors involving pregnancy, workers' comp histories, religious preferences (both the supervisor's and the applicant's), physical impairment, and unintentional discrimination. And it provides clear advice on how to communicate with rejected applicants without raising the legal threat level.

Most lawsuits are swearing contests. An employee swears something happened, a supervisor swears it didn't. The bottom line is: Can your supervisors prove what they say is true?

Without proper written documentation, a jury may decide they're hiding something, with devastating consequences. Worse: Documentation reveals a tattered record of half-measures and inconsistencies - a.k.a., "legal quicksand." Are you confident your supervisors know the legal way to conduct evaluations?

Prevent problems. Protect your organization. Train supervisors to properly evaluate employee performance issues, communicate findings, and prepare accurate written records in a way that discourages would-be plaintiffs.

Supervisors are in place for a reason. Unfortunately, not all of them know what that is.

Progressive discipline is a great way to enforce company policies and maintain a productive workforce — if your supervisors do it right. Done improperly or inconsistently it opens a legal trapdoor. Danger Zones: Discipline walks your supervisors through a simple 3 step disciplinary process and shows them how to make it work. They learn how to earn respect for themselves and your organization through professionalism of language and action. And they learn how to deal with problem employees quickly and with the least disruption.

Plus, they learn key points about fundamental rights and responsibilities that come with the authority they earned though promotion to management. And they get insights into the skills required to safely demote, suspend, and fire any member of the workforce.

The #1 way to ignite a workplace lawsuit is to fire someone for the wrong reason — or in the wrong way. Before your supervisors do or say something everyone but a plaintiff's attorney is sure to regret, be sure they know exactly what precautions to take-especially if the employee is in one of the 6 protected classes. In this eye-opening video, supervisors learn how conditions like ADD, depression, and learning disabilities are driving a new wave of lawsuits over termination. They'll understand the special steps invoked with terminating an employee recently on medical leave or who has filed for workers' comp.

This Danger Zone session also covers the 5 most common mistakes supervisors make (#1: lying to avoid hurt feelings, and how to get over it) and provides a handy 6-part termination tip sheet every supervisor can use to limit lawsuits and make an awkward situation as smooth as possible.

Courts have blasted employers for ignoring harassment training, going so far as to call it negligence. Yet there's the paradox: sexual harassment law has changed dramatically in the past years. Supervisors now have greater responsibility than ever for keeping your company out of hot water. Do your supervisors know what they must do — and about missteps that can make your company lose a lawsuit automatically?

With this video, supervisors learn the crucial duties they now have under the law and the key things they must do to stop inappropriate behavior or language before it explodes into a damaging court battle or expensive settlement. Plus, they'll learn how to spot the newest forms of sexual harassment and take appropriate action.

Vignette: Your supervisors learn why the same behavior in men and women is viewed so differently, and the proper steps to take when facing troubling employee interaction.

An increasing number of characteristics and actions are starting to trigger claims of harassment, such as gender stereotype, marital status, and sexual orientation. Do your supervisors know how to react?

In Danger Zone: Other Harassment, they'll learn about the many other forms harassment can take and how to prevent your workplace from becoming tainted with hostility and resentment. Left unchecked, it can become fertile ground for a lawsuit no one saw coming.

Dramatized examples of harassment are followed by a clear explanation of why the action was illegal and what a supervisor should do in response. Supervisors will learn how to differentiate between the hypersensitive and truly harassed, between the illegal and the merely offensive, and between the politically incorrect and the legally explosive. In today's litigious environment, so clouded with "gray areas," it's guidance no supervisor should be without.

Danger Zone: Discrimination makes your supervisors fully aware of the "protected classes"-the 6 specific factors they must never consider when making a decision. It explains how to apply the American with Disabilities Act when assigning tasks. It also will show them how to respect religious differences.

More than ever, your supervisors are the first line of defense against discrimination lawsuits. Give them the clear, up-to-date information they need to avoid legal hazards and keep your company on solid legal footing.

Can an employee use up FMLA leave while out of work and collecting workers' comp? How should a supervisor react to an employee requesting pregnancy leave under FMLA? How should intermittent leave be counted?

The Family & Medical Leave Act remains one of the most complicated laws for supervisors and HR professionals, who both play a critical role in explaining it to employees and identifying absences covered by it. This video identifies the 4 basic FMLA "triggers". Plus, supervisors learn how to recognize a serious health condition and how to avoid any action or statement that could be construed as retaliation for taking FMLA leave.

Your supervisors view dramatizations of 5 different FMLA situations and learn the best way to react to each.

Failing to keep workers safe can result in devastating fines or damages. But what's the best way to do that in the 21st century workplace? Step-by-step, this video reveals the key things supervisors must do to train, inspect, discipline, evaluate, and communicate in ways that dramatically reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Importantly, it also shows precisely what to do to prevent recurrence of an accident if one does take place.

Juries tend to believe employers retaliate against those who file workers' comp claims, so in this session, your supervisors learn how to counter that perception through fair and even management techniques. Plus, they get 7 proven steps for reducing accidents in the workplace.

Supervisors love employees who go the extra mile. But what happens when that extra mile ends in unauthorized overtime? Could your supervisors be inadvertently working their team members "off the clock"? As headline-grabbing cases have shown, such practices can lead to millions of dollars in penalties.

By viewing this Danger Zone program and participating in the discussion that follows, your supervisors learn how to classify workers as exempt and non-exempt, why it's so important that everyone observe break times, and why promises of future comp time is no way to avoid time-and-a-half.

Supervisors also learn to spot and react correctly to concerted activity to avoid charges of violating federal labor law. Why can't they prohibit employees from comparing wages? When is it OK to stifle offensive language? What's the difference between concerted activity and insubordination? They learn all this and more, making your organization much less likely to face federal watchdogs.

It's a very difficult balancing act. Supervisors often need to know what employees do and say. But employees have a legal right to privacy. How can supervisors gain the information they need from employees without violating privacy laws? Danger Zone: Privacy reveals the 3-step process to determine if certain information is protected by law. It teaches supervisors how to spot and discourage the spread of information about an employee's medical, financial, and family status. And it reveals supervisory rights and obligations regarding employee communication, e-mail and Internet use, and expectation of privacy.

Privacy issues are complicated by the fact that not one single overarching law regulates them, so this session explains how to apply common sense and reason to almost any privacy question.

Headline-grabbing murders in the workplace are terrible tragedies, but there's more to worry about when trying to prevent workplace violence. Employees may threaten others, verbally or physically assault them, or bring weapons to work. Through this timely video, supervisors learn the best way to prevent violence is to address behavior that can lead to violence. They're trained to spot 4 danger signals to watch for in employees and how to defuse violence before it erupts.

They'll also learn about the legal fallout from violent acts, like negligent supervision and retention claims, which can land them, and your organization, in hot water. And they'll learn how to react to the problem that's sadly growing at an alarming rate, domestic violence in the workplace.

An HR Hero Guaranteed Learning Tool

Twelve Danger Zones for Supervisors DVD is $1297

Special discount for M. Lee Smith Publishers
customers and subscribers is $997.
VHS is just $797.

Or call (800) 274-6774

Purchasers of previous editions in the Danger Zones series are entitled to additional discounts. Call (800) 274-6774.

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