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Employment law changes… from all 50 states, at a glance …
Impossible? Not any more!

Employers State Law Alert

The complete state law and regulation monitoring system that saves you hours of research time.

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Log-in here to ESLA online, where you can search for specific laws, select your states for e-mail alert purposes, and view back issues.

If your operations or interests cross state lines, you have to make sure your employment practices work in different jurisdictions. Problem is, state legislators nationwide are constantly working to amend existing laws or create entirely new ones. On top of that, deep within the bureaucracy of 50 state governments, agencies charged with implementing and enforcing those laws are developing new regulations. How can you possibly keep up, and keep your company in compliance?

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Start your risk-free subscription now to Employers State Law Alert and stop worrying! Each month, the Alert’s researchers uncover and summarize the latest state employment laws and regulations emerging from 50 state capitols.

Subscribe now, and at a glance, you’ll be able to tell:

  • If a state in which you operate has just enacted new employment laws or changed existing ones.
  • What you need to do to keep your policies and systems in line with new employer obligations.
  • Where to look for the complete text of the law or regulation. The PDF version of the Alert (included with your subscription) even contains Internet links to state government sites so you can click right through.

Your subscription package includes:

  • 12 monthly newsletter issues, packed with summaries of state employment law and regulation changes. You immediately understand what’s happened, why you need to act, or why you don’t. Click here to see a sample issue.
  • The same issues in PDF format, delivered by e-mail, loaded with links to the full text of new laws.
  • E-mail alerts when new state employment laws pass or regulations are enacted – only for those states you specify, to save your valuable time.
  • Online access to ESLA Online, a database containing all summaries and links to the full text of laws and regulations. Call 800-274-6774 to request a free temporary Username and Password.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re ever dissatisfied, you’re entitled to a complete refund, not just the unused portion of your subscription.

Employers Counsel Network Involvement Means Accuracy and Reliability
The ECN is a nationwide affiliation of prestigious law firms, one in each state, representing management. Network attorneys have years of experience in defending employers against claims of harassment, discrimination, ADA and FMLA violations, wage & hour missteps, and much more.

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