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Employers Workers' Comp Alert
Employers Workers' Comp Alert

Welcome to the home of Employers Workers' Comp Alert.

Locating helpful updates of workers' comp developments used to be an exercise in frustration. Everything was either too long, too complex, or too expensive. And staying on top of new laws, court cases, and regulations was nearly impossible... until now.

You know how tough it can be to keep up with changes to your workers' comp compliance obligations. Employers Workers' Comp Alert is the comprehensive monthly newsletter that reports and analyzes workers' comp-related court decisions, board findings, rule changes, savings opportunities, and more.

Use the links below to login to the Employers Workers' Comp Online website:

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Employers Workers' Comp Alert brings it all together, delivering the scoop on hot topics like:

  • Provider reimbursement
  • Injury reporting requirements
  • Despute resolution strategies
  • Premiums
  • Insurance reform actions
  • Workplace safety
  • Rehabilitation
  • Managed care

This quick-read newsletter helps you stay up-to-date with decisions made by key workers comp players and programs, including state legislatures, courts, appeals boards, adjudicating bodies, OSHA, and more.

Each Employers Workers' Comp Alert issue features:Employers Workers' Comp Alert

  • A valuable article written by legal, medical, HR, insurance, and other knowledgeable professionals
  • Significant new case law, legislation, and regulations
  • Best practices ideas for avoiding expensive workers' comp conflict
  • Cost management strategies
  • Disability and return-to-work program practice pointers
  • Keys to detecting and preventing workers' comp fraud

Your subscription also includes access to Employers Workers' Comp Alert Online, the database of newsletter articles from current and past issues. This valuable information resource is available only to subscribers. Written for human resource professionals, benefits managers, risk directors, medical professionals, employment and benefits attorneys, and CEOs, each information-packed issue informs you of the latest workers' comp developments, so you can make better, more confident policy and management decisions.

If you are ever dissatisfied, you are entitled to a complete refund, not just the unused portion of your subscription. So you take no risk in subscribing now.

About Your Subscription
Renew annual subscriptions for Employers Workers' Comp Alert $427.

To order, contact Customer Service at 800-274-6774

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