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Resources for In-House Counsel

HR Hero provides a variety of employment law information resources for in-house counsel, each designed to help you make better executive recommendations and better policy decisions. Click below to learn more:

Executive Summary: Employment Law for the C-Suite
A DVD presentation, featuring noted in-house counsel (Coca-Cola Enterprises) John Phillips, specifically for your organization's top management. It teaches them the essentials of employment law and how to avoid troublespots.

Employers State Law Alert
This monthly newsletter summarizes changes to state employment law and regulation in each of the 50 states.

State-Specific Employment Law Letters
Prepared by in-state attorneys who represent management, these critical updates, one for each state, keep you up to date with new state and federal laws, court decisions and regulations.

50 Employment Laws in 50 States
50 Employment Laws in 50 States is the revolutionary guidebook that puts ALL the most need-to-know employment law information - for each of the 50 states - right at your fingertips. This quick-reference guide puts the expertise of the nationwide Employers Counsel Network right at your fingertips. The top-flight attorneys in the Network focus almost exclusively on defending employers and write the Employment Law Letter for their state. They have applied their valuable time and resources to making this side-by-side comparison of employer obligations the definitive reference.

Employment Practices Self-Audit Workbook
This reference is perfect for uncovering and correcting potential problems with managing employee handbooks, written policies, job descriptions, recordkeeping, employee communications, hiring, and firing, and much more.

FMLA Complete Compliance: Practical Solutions for HR
FMLA Complete Compliance combines multiple information resources into an integrated reference service for HR, employers, and counsel. It's your single source for answers to questions from employees, supervisors, and others about what triggers protected leave, what documentation can be required, how to stop leave abuse, how FMLA interacts with other laws, and much more.

FMLA Master Class: The Advanced Interactive Workshop for Employers
FMLA Master Classes are full-day, state-specific live seminars that help you arm yourself and your organization against the growing tide of FMLA lawsuits. Most of all, you'll learn new strategies for treating your employees fairly, consistently, within both the letter and the spirit of federal and state law. CLE approved.

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