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About the Employers Forum
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About the Employers Forum

The Employers Forum is an online discussion board for HR professionals, managers, attorneys, those who handle benefits, payroll, and workers' comp, and others who act on their employer's behalf. With participants nationwide, you'll probably find others who are in the same boat as you to offer their advice and support. Over the years, the Employers Forum has developed a real sense of community where people know and care about each other.

Forum eligibility
Anyone who registers can view or post on the forum. You can access the Employers Forum here.

What topics are discussed on the Employers Forum?
When you go to the forum, you'll notice that it's divided into several areas:

  • The "serious" areas. Since HR is mostly a serious endeavor, most of the sections of the Employers Forum are serious as well. We've taken the serious side of HR and broken it down into the following areas:

o    HR & Employment Law. Topics include general HR administration (audits, records,  employee management, staffing) and employment law issues (discrimination, harassment, free speech, unions)

o    FMLA/ADA/Workers' Comp. Topics include FMLA, ADA, workers' comp, and how they can overlap.

o    Compensation. Topics include FLSA and other wage and salary issues, including exempt vs. nonexempt, overtime, bonuses, deductions, pay scales, and more.

o    Benefits & Leave. Topics includes retirement plans, health insurance, HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA, USERRA, and more.

o    Social Media & Technology for HR. Topics include Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, videos, communication, privacy, and other electronic workplace issues.

o    HR Documents. Topics include handbooks, policies, forms, and other HR documents

o    Health & Safety. Topics include accidents, emergencies, ergonomics, fire drills, first Aid, OSHA, workplace violence, and more.

o    Training. Topics include orientation, compliance, skills, and other employee training.

o    Strategic HR. Topics include succession planning, talent management, recruitment, retention, metrics, and aligning HR with business goals.

o    Global HR. Topics include international pay data, aligning policies, benefits, international law, visas, understanding cultures, and more.

  • HR Documents. If you're looking for a sample form or policy, go to this section to ask if anyone has one they'll share with you.
  • HR Water Cooler. This section of the Employers Forum is for sharing jokes and anything else that doesn't fit in any other section.
  • How to Use the Employers Forum. Here's where you can ask the BLR staff technical (and not-so-technical) questions about the Employers Forum or give us feedback about the forum.

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