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Employers Forum Help
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Getting Started on the Employers Forum

This page can help you login to the Employers Forum or register for the first time.

Registering to use Employers Forum for the first time

Logging in the Employers Forum

Registering to use Employers Forum for the first time

How do I register for Employers Forum?
To register, go to the Employers Forum main page and click on Register in the Forum navigation bar. A page will come up asking you to accept the terms of use for the forum. To use the forum, you must agree to the terms of use and abide by them. To accept the terms of use, check the box saying you agree and click on the Register button.

After you have accepted the terms of use, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. Enter your e-mail address and click on the Register button. If you have problems entering your e-mail address or registering, please contact Customer Service.

  • Choose your Employers Forum user name carefully. Your forum user name is the name that will appear on all of your posts on the Employers Forum. After you register, you cannot change your forum user name unless we delete your account and you register all over again.
  • Everyone can read the Employers Forum so consider a little anonymity. Your forum user name probably shouldn't contain your last name or your employer's name. That could give you a little more freedom to post messages about specific employees or situations at your workplace. However, the forum is open for anyone to read and is NOT confidential, so be careful not to make libelous comments here.
  • Is my user name the same as one I use to log in to access the subscribers area for my newsletter subscription? If you're a subscriber to one of our newsletters, you already have a user name and password for the Subscribers Area of It is completely separate from Employers Forum. If you want to save a few brain cells, you can create a forum user name and forum password for the Employers Forum that will also work for the subscribers area of But you have to think about it before you register for Employers Forum. See the question below, "Can I set my Employers Forum login and login to be the same?"

You mailed me my password already. Why do I need to register?
The password we mailed to you is for the Subscribers Area of To access the Subscribers Area, go to In the navigation on the left under the HR Compliance Resources Bar, hover your cursor over "Subscribers Login." A box will appear to the right of that with a list of newsletters. Click on the newsletter to which you subscribe and enter your subscriber user name and password. To use all of the features of the Employers Forum, you need to register and choose a user name that will identify you on the forum.

Logging into the Employers Forum

How do I log into Employers Forum?
You must first register for the forum before you may log in. If you've already registered, you can log in by going to the Employers Forum main page and entering your user name and password in the appropriate boxes near the top right side of the forum. If you would like your computer to remember your login for you so you don't have to log in repeatedly, check the box that says "Remember Me? "

I log in with the correct user name and password, but it takes me to the Employers Forum without logging me in.
This usually means your computer isn't accepting a "cookie" from our website. A cookie is a tiny file that most websites put in your computer when you visit them. The cookie allows the Employers Forum to remember who you are when you move from page to page, or when you come back to the forum tomorrow. Without cookies, the forum can't tell that you're the same person who logged in on the previous web page.

For privacy or security reasons, some computers reject all cookies. But you need to accept our cookie to use the forum. To find out how to change your cookie settings, use the Help feature of Internet Explorer (or Firefox, etc.).

When I log in, I get an error message that says "Sorry, your login was not successful" and talks about "Case Sensivity" and "Transposing the User ID."
This means you're in the login section for the subscribers area of, not the login section for Employers Forum. Login to the Employers Forum at

I'm a newsletter subscriber and I'm trying to log into the Employers Forum with my login, but it's not working!
The Employers Forum login is separate from the subscriber login. All forum users must first register (no additional cost) so you can choose a user name, then log in with your chosen user name and password. See How do I register? for more information.

  • Why do I have to have two separate logins for the same website?
    Employers Forum is a separate from the login for technical reasons - it runs on separate software than the Subscribers Area of
  • Can I set my Employers Forum login and login to be the same?
    Yes, you can. If you'd like to have your forum login and your login match, go ahead and register for Employers Forum with your preferred user name and password, then you can change your login to match. These are the rules for changing your login, so if you want the two logins to match, make sure you follow them for the forum also: The username and password should be any combination of no more than 15 lowercase letters, numbers, or underscores. Any uppercase letters will automatically be changed to lowercase letters.

    You can change your login by logging into the Subscribers Area with your existing login at and scrolling down to the link "Change your username and password" under Account Info/Help.
  • What if I've already registered for Employers Forum and I want to change my login to match, but my preferred login doesn't work with the rules for the login (e.g., my forum user name has spaces in it)?
    For the login, your username and password should be any combination of no more than 15 lowercase letters, numbers, or underscores. Any uppercase letters will automatically be changed to lowercase letters. If this isn't the case with your Forum login, we can delete your Employers Forum registration and let you re-register with an acceptable user name and password. Then you can change your login to match. Contact if you'd like us to delete your Employers Forum registration so you can re-register.

I've forgotten my user name and password. What do I do?
Employers Forum will e-mail you a new forum password if you know your username and e-mail address. Go to the Lost Password Recovery Form and enter your email address. You will be sent an e-mail with a link to a page which will reset your password. Click on the link in the e-mail. You will then get another email from the Employers Forum with your user name and new password. Once you have your new password you can change your forum password to be something that is easier to remember.

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