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New learning courses for HR and Supervisors

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HR Executive Answers
New Management & Supervisor Learning System

What does it take to survive a layoff?

How can you attract and retain top talent in ANY economy?

How can you train your supervisors to lead, while helping them avoid legal pitfalls?

It's time to get some answers. HR Executive Answers is the new series of training courses from HR Hero featuring leading authorities in people management and employment law:

NEW! Don't miss these new training solutions from the HR Executive Answers series:

Need help taming the personnel paperwork monster? Do you know your obligations for managing electronic records? What about emergency situations? How to you prepare for the worst before disaster strikes? Is your organization prepared to face a DOL audit? How can you audit your pay policies to keep agency watchdogs from targeting your organization? Now you can get real-world solutions to these dilemmas with these all-new training courses.

Each comprehensive training system delivers hours of valuable, real-world best-practices for creating and enforcing policies, managing employees, and avoiding the legal pitfalls that threaten even the most diligent employers. Broken into easy-to-follow learning modules, each course is like attending a live professional development event, but on your schedule, at your own pace, and without any travel expenses or extended time away from your pressing responsibilities.

Try any course risk-free for 30 days!

NEW! Recordkeeping - What to Save, What to Shred
How to maintain proper written records of critical workplace activities and take control of your electronically stored information
6 hours of training

NEW! Crisis Preparation and Management Essentials
How to plan for the worst and ensure your organization's survival in the face of workplace violence and other emergency situations
7 hours of training

NEW! Pay Policies that Help Prevent Lawsuits & Audits
Expert advice on avoiding pay policy violations that lead to DOL audits and crushing lawsuits
7 hours of training

New Supervisors Toolkit
What it takes to be a great leader and the legal pitfalls that await the unwary
6 hours of training

Answers to legal and communication concerns that arrive with a reduction in force
4 hours of training

Building a Great Workplace
How you can attract and retain top talent, in any economy
7 hours of training

Try any HR Executive Answers learning system for 30 days without risk or obligation.


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