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HR Quicklist

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3rd Edition


The revolutionary checklist guide that helps you
react to 61 real-world workplace challenges
in a fast, confident, legally compliant way
without overlooking anything.

Use HR Quick List, 3rd Edition to walk step-by-step through a highly effective, legally-compliant HR decision-making process whenever...

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Table of Contents

    HR Practices & Policies
  • Cleaning up personnel files
  • Handling employees' medical information
  • Reviewing your attendance policies
  • Reviewing your leave policies
  • Implementing effective cell phone policy
  • Training supervisors about the law
  • Protecting employees from identity theft
  • Developing an e-mail and Web policy
  • Managing USERRA leave


  • Hiring a worker -- in general
  • Requiring health-related tests
  • Doing a reference or background check
  • Hiring a foreign worker
  • Increasing diversity / affirmative action
  • Hiring a temporary employee
  • Hiring an independent contractor

    Employee Health

  • Physical/mental conditions
  • A medical condition might be FMLA
  • Employee might be disabled
  • Employee is expecting/adopting
  • Family member conditions


  • An employee is injured on the job
  • An employee complains about safety
  • A tragedy or disaster occurs

    Compensation & Benefits

  • Wage and hour law -- in general
  • Reviewing your benefits package
  • Deciding how much overtime to pay
  • Docking an exempt employee's pay

    Problem employees

  • Problem employees
  • Employee Complaints
  • Attendance problems
  • Performance problems
  • Employee misconduct
  • Signs of violence
  • Suspected substance abuse
  • Violated dress code
  • E-mail or Internet abuse
    Harassment & Discrimination
  • Harassment & discrimination in general
  • Two employees romantically involved
  • Complaints about harassment or discrimination
  • Employee files an EEOC complaint

    Investigations & Monitoring

  • Monitoring employees electronically
  • Basic investigations
  • Complex investigations
  • Responding to a DOL investigation

    An Employee Leaves

  • Employee leaves - general
  • Employee quits
  • Employee is retiring
  • Giving a reference


  • Firing someone
  • Firing an at-will employee
  • High-risk firing decisions
  • Downsizing
  • Telling an employee he's fired


  • Merging with another company
  • Telecommuting
  • Unions
  • Christmas parties, etc.


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  • Federal Law Cheat Sheet (glossary of employment law terms)
  • HR Resources
  • Employment Law Letter Subscribers
  • National Employers Counsel Network

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