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Our HR Hero family includes dozens of newsletters so you can find one that fits your needs exactly. Our other HR Tools include Special Reports, videos, and more.

Your state's Employment Law Newsletter
Our 50 Employment Law Letters one in every state are our flagship publications. Your state's newsletter is written by top employment law attorneys in your state. Every month (every two weeks in California), you'll receive tips, tools, and techniques you need to handle tough HR situations. Your subscription also includes in-depth Special Reports and a wealth of online resources.

Federal Employment Law Insider
If you need to know about federal employment-law statutes and regulations before they're enacted, then you should try Federal Employment Law Insider. This monthly newsletter gives you an insider's view of Congressional activity, federal agency rule-making, and more.

Employers State Law Alert
Have facilities in more than one state? Having a hard time keeping up with which states have new minimum wage laws or new workplace violence rules? Employers State Law Alert tells you the latest important changes in employment laws and regulations for all 50 states. Plus, the online database included in your subscription lets you search for new employment laws in any state or states you select.

HR Insight
This monthly newsletter gives you clear, practical "how-to" ideas for managing your workload more effectively ... and for becoming a better-informed, more confident, more valuable HR professional. Also includes periodic four-page HR Briefings as well as Tip Sheets.

Benefits Newsletters
We offer two monthly newsletters for benefits professionals: Benefits & Compensation Law Alert is for most employers, and Benefits & Compensation Law for Nonprofits is, naturally, for nonprofit organizations. Each eight-page newsletter helps benefits and HR professionals stay up to date on benefits-related news, trends, court decisions, and legislation.

Workers' Comp Newsletters
Here's help if you're a workers' comp administrator or anyone else who must keep abreast of this difficult area of the law. We offer several state newsletters and a Tennessee handbook.

Frontline Supervision newsletter for supervisors
Frontline supervisors are the first to be confronted by complex employee relations issues. Written in plain English, Frontline Supervision is the easiest and most reliable way to help managers and supervisors make smart and safe decisions.

HR Hero Line e-mail newsletter
HR Hero Line is our FREE weekly employment e-mail newsletter. Get HR tips and informative employment law articles, read answers to questions your peers have asked, learn what the law expects of you and your company.

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