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Sample Policy
Donated Vacation Time

Employees may donate vacation time to fellow employees in hardship cases as deemed by department management and Human Resources.

Recipient must:

  • Provide documentation for non-work related seriously incapacitating illness or injury as certified by a physician for self or member of immediate family.
  • Exhaust all vacation and sick leave and not be currently eligible for disability leave.
  • Fall under leave of absence guidelines requiring one year of service with a minimum of 1,250 hours worked.
  • Submit a request for donated leave to immediate supervisor indicating reason and anticipated amount of lost work time.

Donor must:

  • Retain a minimum of 40 hours of vacation leave for personal use.
  • Complete a Employee Leave Request. Form must be signed and dated by employee and department manager, indicating approval.
Hours are based on actual wages. For example, if employee A making $15/hour donates four hours of vacation to employee B making $7.50/hour, employee B will be credited with eight hours of wages.

Donated time will be charged against the recipient's allowed 12-week leave of absence time frame.

Only vacation hours may be donated. Sick hours are a personal benefit and may not be donated.

Contributed by Leslie, participant on Employers' Forum

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