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New York Attorneys to Explain How to Avoid Payroll Administration Problems

10/15/2009 - To help New York employers get a handle on payroll policy mistakes, attorneys with New York's Epstein Becker & Green will conduct a full-day seminar entitled Wage & Hour Master Class: The Advanced Interactive Workshop for New York Employers Thursday, January 15, at the Williams Club in Manhattan.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division collected over $166 million in pay for employees who were unjustly or mistakenly denied overtime pay, initiating over 36,000 compliance actions. The 2004 FairPay regulations are confusing to more than a few managers. The Division's own investigation revealed that only half of American employers are in compliance with FairPay.

Now, employers face the prospect of the Employee Misclassification Act, which will make mistakenly claiming an employee exempt from overtime even more expensive for employers.

"Given the widespread nature of non-compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, we should expect to see agency watchdogs and plaintiff's attorneys turn violations into some very expensive headaches for more HR managers and employers," says attorney and speaker Dorothy Rosensweig. "And more and more cases are getting class-action approval, which really can make for some devastating damages and fines."

Rosenweig explained some of the situations the Master Class will address. "Let's say you're an HR manager and you want to set up a committee to ease communication between salaried and hourly employees. The committee meets at the end of the day shift, one day per month, and participation is voluntary. Do you have to pay overtime to the hourly workers who attend?"

"Or lets say an employee who's exempt from getting overtime works less than 4 hours in a day. Will charging her time-off balance for anything less than a full day jeopardize her exempt status, or is charging her a half day alright?"

"These are the finds of issues that we'll help employers understand," he said

HR Managers, employers, and fellow counsel wishing to participate may register online at http://www.hrhero.com/ny-flsa or by calling 800-274-6774.

The program is conducted by Evan J. Spelfogel Jeffrey M. Landes, Michael A. Levine, Dorothy Rosenweig and Douglas Weiner, attorneys with New York's Epstein Becker & Green. They each focus their practices on labor and employment law issues.

Contact: Pete McPherson, 615-661-0249, ext. 8057 or pmcpherson@mleesmith.com
On the Web: http://www.hrhero.com/ny-flsa


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