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Labor Union Avoidance Master Class

Labor Union Avoidance Master Class
Countering Labor's Aggressive New Organizing Agenda

The Employee Free Choice Act ... a new labor-friendly NLRB ... a pro-union President and Congress... For businesses these days, it's tougher than ever to stay union free. But there are steps you can take, right now, to retain control of your workplace and keep collective bargaining from gaining a toe-hold.

Learn the very latest and most effective tactics when you register and attend, risk-free, the Labor Union Avoidance Master Class. This intensive one-day learning event will show you exactly what you can do -- and most certainly can't do -- to rebuff labor organizers and preserve management rights.

     This interactive workshop is coming to:

  • Tennessee - Thursday, June 10, 2010
    (Embassy Suites Nashville)

You'll learn:

  • What to do if you're confronted with a proposed "neutrality agreement"
  • The full scope of the Employee Free Choice Act, including how you can be forced to accept collective bargaining without knowing you were ever the target of a union campaign
  • Why no organization is immune to the growing threat
  • How to "sell" your employees on staying union-free
  • How to train your supervisors to be your first line of defense
  • How to assert and maintain management's rights, before and during a campaign

When you attend, you not only gain action items and a detailed 5-step plan, you have the opportunity to get your questions answered by experts who have successfully advised dozens of employers facing union campaigns. It’s the kind of valuable business intelligence you can share with top management and use to maintain your company's control over your work environment.

Special Alert: Due to the value of the business intelligence to be revealed, this event is only open to management and it's representatives. Union members and their representatives are not permitted to register or attend.

  • EFCA: The Employee Free Choice Act is once again expected to rear its ugly head. Will the new EFCA still include a provision for the mandatory arbitration clause?
  • A Pro-Union NLRB: President Obama has announced his intention to "recess appoint" pro-union democrats to fill NLRB empty seats, increasing the likelihood that many Bush NLRB decisions will be reversed, including rulings on bargaining and union election notifications.
  • Labor-Friendly White House and Congress: Unions contributed generously to winners of the most recent campaign cycle and now expect to cash in with a host of new laws and regulations. Their radical agenda promises to empower union fatcats in a power and money grab at employers nationwide.

So what are you doing to prepare your organization, now, before it's too late? Register and attend, risk-free, Labor Union Avoidance Master Class and in just one day, you'll arm yourself and your company with the skills and knowledge to push back.


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