10 iPad Apps for Work

April 30, 2012 - by: Celeste Blackburn 3 COMMENTS

Last week, our annual Employers Counsel Network conference came to Nashville, so I got to sit in on the sessions. One of the unexpected themes was iPads, as almost 80 percent of the employment law attorneys showed up with one. Two of the conference speakers — president of Newstex Larry Schwartz and Teresa L. Shulda, attorney with Foulston Siefkin in Wichita, Kansas — spent time talking about their favorite iPad apps for work, including:

  1. Dropbox lets you store and share photos, docs, and videos. Any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all devices you have registered with the account, including computers, phones, and iPads as well as the Dropbox website, which you can access from any Internet connection. Shulda offers one caution about using Dropbox: It’s not a good place for confidential or proprietary documents or information because, while the information is encoded, Dropbox — not the user — holds the “encryption key.”
  2. CloudOn allows you to access and work in Microsoft applications on your iPad, including red-lined Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides.
  3. PDFpen allows you to edit  PDF files by adding or editing text (including signatures) and images, filling out interactive PDF forms, searching, adding notes, and more.
  4. iPassword uses an encryption algorithm designed by the National Security Agency to generate passwords for different sites. The user only has to remember one master password to log in and then the app pulls in the specific 8-to-15 symbol passwords for sites as you need them.
  5. Newsrack is an RSS reader that can be synchronized with Google Reader and includes in-app email as well as Twitter, Delicious, and Instapaper support for sharing.
  6. Echofon helps you manage your Twitter account.
  7. Cardmunch will generate a LinkedIn contact with information gathered when you take a picture of a business card.
  8. Jump Desktop lets you access your computer and apps from anywhere.
  9. PDF converter allows you to save an online article as a PDF to read later (perhaps when you are somewhere, like an airplane, where you can’t access the Internet).
  10. Noteshelf is a handwriting note taker that allows you to store all your notes in a virtual library.

What are your favorite apps?

–Celeste Blackburn



1 ACU Frank
15:46:41, 01/05/12

I use Scan Pages to use my camera as a scanner, converting the paper document to a PDF. I’ve also deleted all the games and replaced them with the ‘official’ TED app. If you’ve got time for Angry Birds, you’ve got time to learn something about a topic you may have not even known existed. And let’s be honest… many of the TED Talks are just as entertaining or more.

2 juilo
09:55:30, 08/06/12

I use Beesy for now two months and I’m very hapy with it. This a productivity app which helps you a lot in your work and business. Organize my day and my Tasks with a TodoList. http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do/ .

3 Employers Counsel Network » Employers Counsel Network 2012 Conference
19:52:20, 01/12/12

[...] In his presentation “Apps for Professionals: Where Your World Is Heading Now,” President of Newstex Larry Schwartz spoke about trends in app development, the work his company did for LexisNexis, and how the “third screen” (tablets) will change the way business is done (hints: all websites should be optimized for mobile use and apps are a really big deal). ECN member Teresa Shulda followed Schwartz’s presentation by talking specifically about how the iPad and its apps have become essential in her work. See a list of 10 useful apps for work that I compiled from Shulda’s and Schwartz’s prese… [...]

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