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HR's Guide to the 2016 Election

Download whitepapers It’s that time again: Employers and their employees are getting ready to vote in presidential, congressional, state, and municipal elections. It is an exciting time that engenders a good deal of discussion—and even arguments—at coffee machines and in lunchrooms.
Much analysis in the media has focused on whether employee discussions of politics are a potential minefield, all too natural, simply to be forbidden—or some combination of these.
Employers (as if they don’t have enough to do) must be familiar with the important federal and state laws surrounding voting laws, political activity in the workplace, their own conduct, and the conduct of their employees. As with many areas of employment law, a patchwork quilt of federal and state laws governs this area. And, as always, this patchwork can be confusing.
To help, we are offering this special report, which covers partisan and nonpartisan elections and state laws, watercooler debates, creating company policies, and more.

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