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Comprehensive Legal-Issues Training for Supervisors

Download whitepapers This year, you should do comprehensive legal-issues training for your supervisors. Why? Because antiharassment training, while crucial, isn’t enough. If your supervisors are trained about broader legal issues and understand the larger context in which harassment and other claims arise, they’ll be able to better identify potential legal problems and seek appropriate guidance before the issues lead to employee dissatisfaction and even costly lawsuits.

In this all-new HR Hero White Paper, Employers Counsel Network member Jeffrey J. Nolan will help you get your supervisors and upper management on board for training, decide what your supervisor training should include, show you how to tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organization, and much more. Nolan is an employment law attorney with Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew, P.C., in Burlington, Vermont, and a regular contributor to the Vermont Employment Law Letter.  

Download your copy now for more information on how to implement a training program that will help your supervisors spot legal pitfalls before they become serious issues.
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