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Employment Law Experts on Obama Labor & Enforcement Agenda

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In just 75 minutes, you'll benefit from leading employment law experts providing both a big picture look and detailed analysis of what employers should expect to change under the new Obama administration. Learn about probable new laws, initiatives, enforcement targets, and policy positions that will soon alter the way you manage your workforce.

National Labor Relations Board
  • New appointments and their potential impact on NLRB agenda
  • Backlog of cases
  • Areas in which board changes will impact policy
Employee Free Choice Act
  • Political stand-off and likelihood of compromise
  • Card check
  • Fast-track union campaigns
  • Effect on employers, especially small employers
  • Disadvantages for small employers
  • Mandatory first contract arbitration
  • More stringent penalty provisions
Effect of economic conditions on unionization
  • Concessions made by unions in auto, other areas
  • Increased power of unions that have become part of ownership
  • Financial health of unions
  • Effect on global competitiveness
Enforcement agenda of U.S. Department of Labor, EEOC, OSHA
  • More EEOC investigators
  • Increases in Wage & Hour enforcement budgets
  • Invigorated OSHA
  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
Health Care Reform
  • Current political situation
  • Ramifications for American industry
  • Effect of US employer health care costs on global competitiveness
  • Ripple effects
  • Effect on state and local government employers
  • Innovative alternatives to layoffs
Mark Adams, Jones Walker, New Orleans, LA
J. Robert Brame, McGuire Woods, Washington, DC
Charlie Plumb, McAfee & Taft, Tulsa, OK
Robert Vercruysse, Vercruysse, Murray, & Calzone, Detroit, MI

Mark Schickman, Freeland Cooper & Foreman, San Francisco, CA

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