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Pandemics and H1N1 Influenza Policy

The CDC is urging employers to prepare NOW for a possible flu pandemic. The H1N1 virus is expected to infect up to 50% of the U.S. population.

"The office is an ideal setting for the spread of the virus. For very small companies - with 20 or 30 employees, for example - there is always the risk that a flu outbreak can virtually shut down business for several days." -- Challenger & Gray's CEO John Challenger

Challenger & Gray reports that a flu outbreak has the potential to cost employers billions in paid leave. Does your organization have a policy in place in the event of a pandemic? Don't wait for your employees to become sick to take action.

Learn how to prepare your organization for a flu outbreak with the FREE HR Hero Sample Policy: Pandemics and H1N1 Influenza Policy

This HR Hero Sample Policy will serve as your policy template from the moment the flu first threatens your organization until the threat has passed.

Your free HR Hero policy will cover:

INTRODUCTION: Pandemics and H1N1 Influenza
Your policy introduction specifies your organization's commitment to protect its employees and customers from serious health threats, such as a flu pandemic. Your workplace may consider limiting access to customers and the general public, or ensuring that they can only enter certain areas of your workplace. Also, workplaces that permit family visitors on site should consider restricting/eliminating that option during an influenza pandemic.

  • Employees Who Become Ill
  • Employees Who Are Not Ill
  • Employees Who Become Ill at Work
  • Family Member/Dependent
  • Paid Leave
  • Changes to Sick Leave Policy
  • Telecommuting
  • Staggered Work Shifts
  • Teleconferences
  • Social Areas
  • Barrier Protection
  • Respirators
  • Eye Protection
  • Pre-Offer
  • Post-Offer
  • Employee
  • Evaluating Travel Arrangements
  • Employees Living Abroad or Who Travel Internationally
  • Policy Guidelines for Policy Violators
  • Consequences of Policy Violation
  • Management Team Member Responsibilities During a Pandemic
  • Other Advice for Managers
  • Employee Responsibilities During a Pandemic
  • Additional Advice for Employees During a Pandemic
  • Human Resource Department Responsibilities during a Pandemic

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