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From Swine Flu to Bad Attitudes: How to Fight Employee Presenteeism

Download whitepapers Whether it's the H1N1 virus or the common cold, when one employee comes to work sick, everyone at your organization is at risk for infection. Instead of one sick employee, you may now have half a dozen or more. This behavior is referred to as "presenteeism".

There are three basic types of presenteeism:

1. Employees with a temporary, contagious illness that come to work, despite knowing they are sick and could pass their illness on to coworkers

2. Employees who suffer with a disease or ailment that isn't contagious, but that does affect their ability to concentrate and do good work

3. Employees who are merely "present" - showing up for work physically but not mentally.

This FREE HR Hero White Paper will discuss the three forms of presenteeism, their causes and effects, and what you can do to combat them in your workplace.

Inside your HR Hero White Paper...

Causes of Presenteeism
  • When employers use harsh measures to fight the drag of absenteeism
  • When employees feel pressure to come to work, even when they're ill
  • When employees come to work sick because treatment costs are too high

Effects of Presenteeism
  • The "contagious" effect on coworkers
  • Employees don't function at high performance levels
  • Resentment from coworkers and lower morale

Survey Says - The Costs of Presenteeism
  • Employees who don't have any sick leave feel that they can't afford to miss work
  • In a tough economy, employees will do everything they can to keep their jobs, even if it means risking their own health
  • Presenteeism maybe be twice the trouble as absenteeism -- accounting for two-thirds of productivity losses
  • Some employees are just too busy at work to stay at home
  • Clinically depressed employees may account for 80% of lost productivity in the workplace

Temporary, Contagious Illnesses
  • Promote common sense
  • Look at your policies
  • Increase your employees' awareness of H1N1 flu and other diseases
  • How telecommuting and other options can reduce the spread of disease

Flu Shots
  • Better late than never
  • Making shots mandatory: pros and cons
  • The legal ramifications of mandatory flu vaccinations

Noncontagious Illnesses
  • FMLA, ADA, and ADAAA implications
  • Mental illnesses
  • Addressing depression in the workplace

Healthy but Unmotivated
  • They'll do just enough to get by, but no more
  • When they're just spending time online
  • When it's a drain on morale

What Can You Do?
  • Familiarize yourself with the health conditions that most often affect the workplace
  • Educate workers about common symptoms of contagious illnesses
  • Be willing to pay for better health care
  • Offer an employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Stay on top of progressive discipline and progress reports

More Ways to Combat Presenteeism
  • Don't pressure employees
  • Reorganize company health plans
  • What to communicate to employees

Your Employee Handbook May Be Your Best Prescription
  • Paid time off means fewer employees tempted to come in when sick
  • Employees encouraged not to come in when ill may reward your company with loyalty and respect
  • Other solutions could be in your employee handbook

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