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A Guide to Obama's Health Care Reform

Download whitepapers After more than a year of heated debate, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010, a compromise bill designed to provide a package of "fixes" to the Senate's original bill, followed soon after. Together, the two pieces of legislation expand federal involvement in and control over the health insurance and health care industries to an unprecedented degree.

How will this legislation change your organization's health and benefit plans?

Learn how health care reform will impact your policies and get a timeline of the changes/provisions you must have in place with the all-new HR Hero White Paper, A Guide to Obama's Health Care Reform. A Guide to Obama's Health Care Reform.

Download your FREE White Paper today and get timely information about the provisions likely to affect you.

1. Effective Dates
A. Grandfathered Plan Status
B. Plans with Fewer Than Two Current Employees
C. Some Effective Dates Linked to Plan Years
D. Provisions with Unclear Effective Dates
E. Collectively Bargained Plans May Have an Extended Effective Date

2. 2010 Provisions
A. Small-Business Tax Credits
B. Retiree Health Benefit Subsidy
C. Tax Exclusion for Coverage of Adult Children
D. Changes to Health Plans
E. Tax Exclusion for Adoption Assistance
F. Automatic Enrollment
G. Indoor Tanning Services Tax
H. Health Care Reform Surprise: Breastfeeding
I. Whistleblower Protection
J. Tax Exclusion for Coverage of Adult Children

3. More Changes in 2011 and 2012
A. Increased Penalty Tax on Nonqualified Health Savings Account (HSA) Distributions
B. SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees) Cafeteria Plan for Small Businesses
C. BERISA Claims Procedure Requirements
D. W-2 Reporting of Health Plan Contributions
E. Limit on OTC Drug Reimbursement
F. Plan Notice

4. 2013 Changes
A. FSA Contributions Limit Decreased
B. Payroll Tax Increase
C. Medicare Part D Employer Subsidy Not Deductible

5. And in 2014...
A. Employer Responsibility Penalty
B. More Small-Business Tax Credits
C. Employer Notification of Exchange
D. Free Choice Vouchers
E. Large-Employer Excise Tax
F. Automatic Enrollment in Employer Health Plans
G. Health Exchanges

6. 2018 Changes
"Cadillac" Tax

7. Grandfathered Plans

8. Benefits of Grandfathered Plans
A. Nondiscrimination Rules for "Highly Compensated" Employees
B. Essential Benefits and Cost Sharing
C. Appeals and External Reviews
D. Preventive Care
E. Emergency Services
F. Provider Choice
G. Clinical Trials
H. Annual Reports

9. Which Rules Apply?
A. Dependent Coverage
B. Preexisting Conditions
C. Rescission of Coverage
D. Coverage Limits
E. Waiting Periods
F. Preexisting Condition Exclusions
G. Coverage Limits

10. What Might Preserve or Change Grandfathered Status?
A. Events or Modifications That Could Alter Grandfathered Plan Status

11. Health Care Reform and Workers' Compensation

12. Reform Analysis

13. Federalization on the Horizon?

Health Care Provider Changes in 2010
A. Charitable Hospital Organization Requirements
B. Fraud and Abuse
C. Medicare Claims
D. Certification for DME and Home Health
E. Stark In-Office Ancillary Services Notice
F. New Physician-Owned Hospitals Prohibited
G. Community Health Centers

14. Health Care Provider Changes in 2011 and 2012
A. Expansion of Primary Care and Nurse Training Programs
B. Home- and Community-Based Services
C. Increased Reimbursement for Primary Care
D. Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions

15. And in 2013...
A. Preventive Health Coverage
B. Increased Medicaid Payment for Primary Care
C. Medical Device Excise Tax

16. And in 2014...
A. Pay for Performance
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